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"HAFA" government assisted short sales are now streamlined. Approvals in under 30 days! Up to $3,000 in relocation assistance, $6,000 in lien release assistance and no foreclosure on your record! Call us for more information on this new way to get our of your home debt! 

     Short Sales are one of the most difficult transactions in real estate. They require the sellers to be completely cooperative with the agent, the buyer to be extremely patient and understanding and the banks to allow the short sale to go through! Although these are difficult transactions we have been highly trained the the art of short sale negotiations and the process that is required to be followed. We have a success rate of 95%. This means that 95% of the short sales that we initiate go through and are sold. The remaining 5% we because either the bank did not end up cooperating at the end or the seller decided not to pursue the sale. 
     Below we will list some of the key points you must remember when selling a short sale as well as purchasing a short sale. Keep in mind, there is a good chance we will be able to keep the bank from pursuing additional judgments from you after a short sale is finalized and also you may be able to purchase a FHA property immediately after finalizing a short sale assuming certain requirements are followed. 
    We work with a team of negotiators and attorney's on retainer to make sure your short sale is handled from start to finish, not only efficiently but also professionally. Remember, as a buyer or a seller, you NEVER PAY A DIME for our services!!!
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    Key Points to Remember

--Listing a Short Sale Property
  • The process can take 2- 6 months from when you receive an offer on your home.
  • You must provide financial documents in a quick and timely manner
  • You will take a hit on your credit, but it will be much better than a forclosure.
  • In certain situations, you can finalize a short sale and also purchase another property right away with a FHA mortgage.
  • You don't need to be behind on your mortgage to do a short sale.
  • If it is your primary residence, the banks typically will not come after you for any deficient amount in your mortgage.
  • Short sales are nearly impossible with second or third loans and if you have tax liens (IRS or property) on the home.
  • Most important, this is a difficult time, but we are able to help you through the process from start to finish.

--Buying a Short Sale Property
  • This process can take 2 - 6 months from the time you put in an offer. 
  • You need to have financing in place before you submit an offer.
  • You can get an amazing deal on a property.
  • You must be flexible with closing terms and timeframe on your purchase.
  • A good down payment always helps the banks approve a short sale.

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